Welcome to the Timescale Shop! Our online store has a variety of items with our signature Timescale tiger logo available for you to purchase.

If you are placing an order with us, you already know that we aren’t in the retail industry. But not to worry, we’ve partnered with experts to make sure you get high-quality swag in a timely fashion.

The idea for our shop was driven by our users and our commitment to sustainability. Over the past few years, we continually received questions about how to purchase our swag items, so we’ve been on the fence about launching an online hub.

But, when we realized we could also use the Shop as a way to improve our event experience - allowing attendees to simply redeem codes and order the right size v. us guessing -, reduce the amount of wasted swag, and shipment to and from venues? Not to mention make it easy and seamless to thank community members for their contributions with choose-your-own swag vouchers? We were all in. 

Whether you are purchasing something for yourself, one of the kiddos, your techy friend, or checking out the Shop from your event redemption card, we hope you love your new Timescale swag.

Team Timescale

PS. All items are offered at cost and curated and designed with 💛 by our in-house team.